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Find the best fitness app
or weight loss app forYOU

Australia's best fitness apps reviewed and compared

From comparing the features of major fitness apps to in-depth reviews of fitness apps from our expert team, we’ve got the Australian fitness app market covered.

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How does Best Fitness Apps help you?

With the weight loss and fitness app market in Australia growing enormously in recent years, it is increasingly difficult to find the app that is right for you.

At Best Fitness Apps our goal is to help Australians better understand what fitness app options are available to them and what the best fitness app is for them, based on their unique needs.


We regularly review major fitness apps in the market to ensure our information is as accurate as possible

We present information on each major fitness app to enable you to compare major app features side by side

We uncover real customer experiences on fitness apps to help you understand what life is like for those using the program!

We give you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your fitness app

What our customers say about Best Fitness Apps

“I found it really difficult to tell how each of the apps were different.  Best Fitness Apps made that simple and ultimately gave me the confidence I needed to choose”

Michaela Clarke 38,

“I’ve been looking for a fitness app I can take with me on my travels.  Best Fitness Apps made the job of looking for a no-equipment solution quick and easy!”

Kerry Davis, 62

“I couldn’t figure out why all the apps cost different amounts.  This site helped me figure that out pretty quickly!”

James White, 50

“I knew which fitness app i liked the look of but you can never really trust what’s ‘beneath the surface’ from their website.  Best Fitness Apps helped me do that research easily”

Ella Tan, 25

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